What we offer

A Fellows Programme that is run each year where we invite  applications, and screen, select  and recruit approximately 25 Fellows.

We also have Alumni Programme  and a presence and voice in its  own right – promoting health equity through addressing structural and social determinants of health.

The Tekano journey is more than one story.

It is a new journey for all of us – rich and complex with many influences. There are many role players – individuals, groups, professions, even whole communities
– each adding to the range of perspectives, challenges and contributions. The questions are many – and the solutions just as diverse. So how are we to share it with you in a few pages?

In trying to answer What is Tekano? and What is the work that we do? we realised that the answer was rich and complex so we have attempted to answer it in a series of stories. We hope that this will give you a more nuanced perspective of the organisation and of its unfolding.

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Tekano Vacancies July 2020

Tekano Vacancies July 2020

Tekano: (Various Vacancies x2)Location: Isivivana Centre, Khayelitsha, Cape Town Tekano (from the Sesotho word for equity) is a multi-sectoral, non-partisan, non-denominational, rights-based, non-profit organisation, which began operations in early 2017. Tekano’s...

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Community Health Workers Webinar

Community Health Workers Webinar

Community Health Workers in South Africa - an important first-line response even during COVID19. What are their challenges? And who is taking care of these carers? Join Lebo Ramafoko, Chief Executive at Altantic Fellows for Heath Equity at Tekano, in conversation with...

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Dr Tracy Naledi Q&A

Dr Tracy Naledi Q&A

Tracey, what is this Pandemic teaching us about Health Equity? TN. I think what it’s teaching us that at the core of Health Equity is about ensuring that all of us, regardless of who we are in terms of our demographic in terms of our socio-economic class, that all of...

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What our fellows

have to say

In my activism work I became aware of the psychological trauma that abducted girls and women have to live with for the rest of their lives if they are not supported. This level of awareness needs to be put into action, by conscientising other stakeholders.
Sibongile Mtungwa

Fellow at KwaZulu-Natal

I am passionate about training environmental health practitioners, building their capacity to be aware of factors in the environment that affect health such that prevention of ill health and injury plays a key role in their thinking and, invariably, in the work that they do.
Luqman Yesefu

Fellow at Eastern Cape

My activist vigour is focused towards building a South Africa where Alma Ata (primary health care) takes centre stage and the underprivileged South Africans have access to affordable, quality healthcare regardless of class, employment, gender, origin, or ability to pay.
Chester Gibson

Marketing Manager

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