Michel’le Donnelly

Michel’le Donnelly is a communications professional specialising in advocacy and social justice. As an advocate for menstrual health, mental health, and gender equality, Michel’le lives by sharing stories and firmly believes that creativity and storytelling have a key role to play in today’s social justice movement. In her current role with the SA Federation for Mental Health (SAFMH), she provides direction, expertise, and leadership in the successful management of SAFMH’s advocacy and awareness programmes, along with generating and managing all mental health-related information for use in campaigns, by the press, partners, and members of the public, and delivering mental health awareness sessions to organisations. Michel’le also works in the menstrual health space, advocating for the end to period poverty and pushing for a period-positive world. She also runs an online feminist newsletter, MOXIE, which aims to serve as a platform for women, femmes, non-binary, and gender non-conforming creatives of colour in Africa to share their work. Working across different mediums, her work focuses on tackling social issues through a feminist lens and starting accessible, engaging, and empathetic conservations around them.