Mzikhona Mgedle

Mzikhona Mgedle is a dedicated individual who is passionate about enhancing mobility within his community in Langa, Cape Town. With his strong enthusiasm for cycling, Mzikhona established the “Langa Bicycle Hub,” an initiative that aims to create safer public spaces and promote cycling in the Langa area. His commitment to community development and exemplary leadership skills were first demonstrated during his high school years when he was appointed as the Chief Computer Librarian and Student Representative on the School Governing Board. Between the ages of 18 and 22, he played a pivotal role in various community initiatives, showcasing his outstanding leadership capabilities. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mzikhona founded “Langa CAN Cape Town Together,” a community-led effort that organised food relief for 15 kitchens, providing vital support to those in need during the lockdown. In 2021, he successfully led the construction of 22 shacks for Langa fire victims. Recognising the significant challenges that South Africa faces in terms of corruption and inequality, particularly in accessing quality healthcare, Mzikhona has proposed a solution that involves partnering with local clinics and healthcare workers to deliver medicine and food to bedridden patients in townships and rural areas, utilizing bicycles as a means of transportation.