Tekano and the Atlantic Fellows Community welcome the Third Cohort of Atlantic Fellows based at Tekano.


The Tekano Fellowship Programme on leadership development for health equity in South Africa is about strengthening the capacities of progressive leaders to enable them to collectively address the deeply entrenched systematic barriers that prevent people from leading healthy and productive lives.

Tekano’s recruitment and selection of fellows was informed by the reality that health is not determined by healthcare systems but rather the myriad of structural and socioeconomic issues.  For our third cohort of fellows, we encouraged applicants from diverse fields who were representative of all the types of diversity in our communities.

Tekano is proud to announce its Third Cohort of Atlantic Fellows based at Tekano. The Cohort consists of 23 activists from all walks of life, who share a deep desire to support social change within the health sector for the benefit of vulnerable and marginalised communities. The 2021 cohort of Tekano Fellows are a dynamic and diverse group.  They include activists working in a range of fields; including health care workers, health researchers,  lawyers, environmental activists, journalists, gender based violence  activists, activists working on addressing intergenerational trauma, disability and mental health , just to name a few. Amongst many brilliant activists, their work and ideas for their social change initiatives really spoke to our core values and we are excited in working with them, our senior fellows and key strategic partners in making these a reality.

Our 2021 Fellows came through after a rigorous recruitment process which began in August 2020 and only concluded in December 2020.  The goal for this recruitment process was to ensure that the third Cohort of Atlantic Fellows based at Tekano are a microcosm of South Africa’s society in class, race, location, employment status, age, gender and more. Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity in South Africa are leaders, activists & decision makers who communally advocate, research and lobby for improved health conditions for disregarded populations in South Africa. Under our new Fellowship approach, Fellows will dedicate the next three years in the fellowship to conceive, implement and sustain social change initiatives in communities across South Africa towards health equity.

Meet our 2021 Fellows!  Their work is exciting.  Their commitment is unflinching.  With them, and our community of senior fellows, the possibilities for exploring social change in health equity is not a distant dream, but a near reality – manifesting right before our eyes.

Meet the Timbuktus