Deadline Extended for Tekano’s IT Needs Assessment Consultancy Services.


The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals from bidders for the provision of an IT Organisational Assessment. The main requirement of this consultancy is for a service provider to conduct a holistic assessment of Tekano’s current IT status and needs in relation to the Tekano multi-year strategic plan

Scope of Work

Tekano’s primary objective in issuing this RFP is to enter into agreement with a successful service provider who will achieve the following:


  • Conduct an assessment of Tekano’s current IT Status and IT needs which includes an evaluation of Tekano’s current IT systems, tools, software and platforms.
  • Compile a report of the assessment with recommendations.
  • Compile a comprehensive IT Strategy for Tekano which includes an implementation plan.

To be considered responsive, a proposal must be completed in English on Appendix 1: TEKANO Request for Proposal Application Form (Available Below)

Closing Date: 31 August 2021

Time: 17hoo South African Standard Time

Submission email address:

Please ensure the subject line states “IT NEEDS ASSESSMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES”.

Late submissions will not be considered, and only selected applicants will be contacted and/or advised of the outcome.