Anne Emmett

Anne is an independent consultant specialising in development funding and monitoring and evaluation. She has worked extensively with a variety of funding entities and Non- Profit Organisations in the Human Rights, Biodiversity Conservation and Social Development sectors in South and southern Africa. The thrust of her work is to leverage resources and partnerships to explore meaningful approaches and solutions to complex problems. She is also keen to understand and assess the extent of change in initiatives, what promotes change, what detracts from it and why, in order to improve and enhance social impact. Anne has a MPhil Degree, with distinction, in Monitoring and Evaluation (Stellenbosch University), a Bachelor of Arts and a History Honours Degree (University of Cape Town). She is a Chartered Director (SA), and serves on various Boards. She is a Senior Fellow of the Synergos Institute, a member of the Institute of Directors in South Africa and a member of the South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association.

I am excited about joining the Tekano Board as it is a vibrant, authentic collective, unequivocally committed to the achievement of social and health equity. Given that Covid-19 amplifies existing inequalities in society, it is an opportune time to join the board in pursuit of Tekano’s vision. With my governance knowledge and experience I aim to contribute to the continued efficacy of governance principles and practice in Tekano. I join this Board in its intent to always act in the best interests of the organisation. I also very much look forward to engaging in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning oversight .