We have an achievable dream of a healthier, more equal South Africa

Welcome to the Tekano Covid-19 Microsite. This site is aimed at documenting the relief Tekano provided to distraught communities all over South Africa. On March 26 2020 South Africa went into lockdown, joining many other countries in a global response to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic. As with other pandemics, the South African response showed up the political, social and economic fault lines in our country. In particular, the race, class and gendered inequalities that persist.

Tekano supported communities that were left to fend for themselves as a result of being excluded by Government’s Covid-19 response polices and procedures. Tekano achieved this by offering a Covid-19 Solidarity Grant to Atlantic Fellows based at Tekano and Partner Organisations with whom Tekano had worked in solidarity towards achieving health equity.

Names of Projects

Fellows Projects

Covid-19 Khayelitsha Masks4All – Nikki Green, Lena Stofile and Wendy Somlavi

Foreign Migrant Informal Traders – Mafoko Phomane, Kentse Radebe & Tinashe T. Njanji

Access to Water in rural KZN – Sibongile Mtungwa

Advocating for the Inclusion of Sex Workers in Governments Covid-19 Response – Duduzile Dlamini & Lance Louskieter

Building Community Resilience Amongst Healthcare Workers – Rene Sparks

Partner Organisation Projects

Spaza Shop Food Programme – Makers Valley Partnership

Young, Femme & Black Web-series – Nayanaya Trust

Food Flow in Vrygrond – Amava Oluntu

GBV Rescues & Food Parcels – RiseUpAgainstGBV

Wazi’s Wonderful World – Children’s Broadcasting Foundation Africa


Tekano Covid-19 Newsletter – On the Frontline of Health Equity

Project Reports – Food Flow in Vrygrond & Makers Valley

Tekano’s Covid-19’s Impact Research Report


News From The Frontline

Produced by Volume Africa, Tekano’s solidarity initiative in podcast, bringing you news from the frontlines of local communities. We put health equity within Covid-19 on the agenda and amplify the work and voices of our Fellows and other organisations at a local community level.


#RiseUpAgainstGBV Corona Drive

RiseUpAgainstGBV is a Johannesburg based organisation that advocates for the end of Gender Based Violence in South Africa. During the hard lockdown, RiseUpAgainstGBV was assisting women who needed to be rescued from abusive homes, an often dangerous procedure which cops declined to assist with.

Tekano supported the heroic efforts of RiseUpAgainstGBV by contributing to the food parcels for recently displaced survivors of Gender Based Violence during level 5 of the Covid-19 Lockdown. Read More…


Tekano & Workers World Docu-Series (Still in Production)

In 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Tekano supported Fellows who had initiatives that provided relief to marginalised communities in South Africa who were severely affected by the Pandemic. Support was provided by way of a Covid-19 Special Grant funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies.

Community Health Webinar

Community Health Workers in South Africa – an important first line response even during Covid-19. What are their challenges? And who is taking care of the carers. Join Lebo Ramafoko, Chief Executive at Atlantic Fellows at Tekano in conversation with Atlantic Fellows at Tekano, Shehnaz Munshi, Rene Sparks and Tinashe T. Njanji. Read more…

Young, Black, Female & Queer Web-series.

The Nayanaya Trust, in partnership with Tekano, has produced a web-series that focus on the Young, black, female and queer people during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

The production team was made up entirely of an all female team with members from the LGBTQIA+ community. This was intentional to ensure that the lens through which the audience meet the characters is one that is understanding and will result in the most authentic stories of this community. Read More…