REA BUA! – Voices of Tekano is Tekano’s immersive & interactive monthly newsletter that recaps the advocacy activities of our community, towards achieving a fairer and healthier societies not only in South Africa, but also across the world.

Each issue is filled with interactive media, from photos and videos and links to articles and podcasts. It’s an opportunity to hear the raw, unfiltered voices of our Fellows, Staff & Board as they raise the health concerns of marginalised voiceless populations.

MAY 2021

In May, South Africa commemorated Worker’s Month and the Tekano Community hit the ground running advocating for the improvement of health conditions of population in South Africa. This issue covers all the activities of our Fellows, Board and Staff in May 2021.

APRIL 2021

This is the second issue of REA BUA! an once again the community has been active. Fellows, Board and Staff have been a part of  shifting the narrative around health equity in South Africa – and this issue recaps their efforts.

MARCH 2021

The first edition of REA BUA! – Voices of Tekano is here. The newsletter is a monthly immersive newsletter that covers the comms activities of our Tekano Community. “Rea Bua” means ‘We are talking’ seSotho. The title of the newsletter is to highlight that the newsletter is about hearing the authentic voices of our community.