Tekano-Amy Green

Amy Green

My name is Amy Green and I identify as a woman. I am the senior writer at Health-e News Service, a health journalism NGO based in Johannesburg. We provide both TV and written health journalism content for a wide array of South African media houses. I have traditionally focussed on infectious diseases but myself, and my organisation, are becoming increasingly aware of the toll the food environment is having on the health of people living in the country. As such, I have started to focus on non-communicable diseases and food security in my reporting – and how the two intersect.

   I obtained my undergraduate degree in journalism, and postgraduate honours degree in health journalism at Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape. My dream is to further my studies and obtain a Master’s degree in public health, media studies or creative writing. I believe engaging story-telling can be a powerful tool for activism and hope to use it in this way both in the form of fiction and non-fiction.