Tekano-Anele Sigcau

Anele Sigcau

I work for Khethimpilo, an HIV & TB driven NPO that focuses on supporting Department of health and City of Cape town clinics and hospitals.

In this important line of work, I support 13 Clinics in the Mitchell’s plain substructure to ensure that the facilities work towards the national goal of reaching the ambitious UNAIDS-led 90-90-90 status and target end the AIDS epidemic. My work involves training clinic facilities to start and run ART/ARV* clubs for people who are stable on their HIV treatment as a way of ensuring adherence to their treatment.

8 of the facilities are operated by indirectly supervised pharmacist assistants (ISPA’s) due to the shortage of pharmacists in the country so I conduct monthly supervisory visits to support them in all the activities that require a pharmacist. My work is to ensure that good pharmacy practice is observed in all the facilities.  I help ensure the availability of medication in ISPA sites by training the pharmacist assistant on the stock management systems specific to each facility. The support I offer to ISPA sites is not limited to HIV/TB drugs but includes all medication, nutritional items and medical supplies.

My role is to always think of innovative ways to minimize patient waiting times, ensuring medication is available all the time. I also have to ensure that we support our Monitoring and Evaluation Team with proper processing of verifying if people that were tested have been initiated on treatment because everyone that comes to any clinic or hospital must end up in the pharmacy.

* Antiretroviral drugs are referred to as ARV. Combination ARV therapy (cART) is referred to as highly activeART(HAART).