Tekano-Bernard Mutsago

Bernard Mutsago

My name is Bernard Mutsago. I am married and am a proud father of two daughters. I stay in Pretoria, Gauteng province. For nearly 10 years now, I have been working as a Health Policy Researcher for the South African Medical Association (SAMA), which is a professional association for public and private sector medical practitioners in South Africa and is registered as an independent, non-profit company. The company has about 17000 doctors as its members and is based in Pretoria. I joined SAMA in 2008 after graduating with a Masters in Public Health (MPH) from the University of Cape Town. In my job I analyse health policies and attend regular meetings with key health authorities such as the Minister of Health and other health stakeholders, and publish health on a wide breadth of health topics.

My activist vigour is focused towards building a South Africa where Alma Ata (primary health care) takes center stage and the underprivileged South Africans have access to affordable, quality healthcare regardless of class, employment, gender, origin, or ability to pay. I am utilising my Public Health training to advance social improvement agendas, including playing an active part in development of a universal health system for South Africa through the National Health Insurance, and have also advanced the Climate Change discourse within SAMA through, among other avenues, developing the SAMA policy position on Climate Change and Health.

I am in the enrolment stage for a PhD in Health Equity. I believe in knowledge and intellectual activism.