Cyan Brown

I am the founder of  the TuksRes women in leadership academy at the University of Pretoria (UP) in South Africa This is a year-long leadership development program for young women at university focused on life, business and leadership skills. In my current role as a board member, I provide input regarding the vision, strategic management, and development of partnerships with synergistic organizations. 

I started an advocacy team within this project that specifically deals with education and activism regarding gender-based violence in our community.   I am writing a research paper through the school of public health at UP that evaluates the success of these interventions in empowering young women in order to measure the efficacy of interventions and gather statistical data on the efficacy of the empowerment.

This program at UP has been implemented since 2015 with great success and has seen over 1000 university students graduate from the leadership academy.

“We have also seen over 600 school girls graduate from the school program which sees university students go to local underprivileged schools in Pretoria and educate them on safe sex, puberty, hygiene, gender-based violence, budgeting, self-defence and self-worth. I founded this program 5 years ago and have remained active in the leadership ever since. I am a medical doctor interested in issues of access to health care and health literacy development and currently part of Young Sustainable Impact, an organization aimed at developing businesses that aid the sustainable development goals. I am focusing on the area of innovation in health care.