Tekano-Khululwa Jampo

Khululwa Jampo

I am Khululwa Jampo and identify as a woman. I work at Enable Mentor Mother programme based in a rural area of the Eastern Cape, in Ngqeleni. I play a big role providing support and basic health education to pregnant women, such as (early antenatal care booking, pre and post natal danger signs and also healthy nutrition) aiming to prevent mothers transmitting infections to the unborn babies and giving birth to low birth weight infants. I encourage old and young pregnant women in chronic treatment adherence, mostly related to HIV&AIDS, and provide counselling within their homes. I am passionate about educating young and old women about health. Every month, I do support groups with women only, trying to give them the courage of owning the space and discuss issues related to women, mostly sexual intercourse as most young girls drop out of school at an early age due unplanned pregnancy and lack of knowledge.

I see myself as a Medical and Health Social Worker, providing support with medical related issues such as ensuring treatment adherence.

I am looking forward to furthering my studies through UNISA study for a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.