Tekano-Kodwa Mpepho

Kodwa Mpepho

I am the Founding Director of Women and Girls Leadership (WGL) Foundation – an organisation that works with girls and young women to access quality healthcare. We work with adolescents in schools through KoolClubs programs which are facilitated by Youth facilitators. It is through these Clubs that adolescents are able to access age appropriate and accurate information on Sexual and Reproductive Health. This project has a component of parent involvement, supporting parents and guardians to build healthy relationships with their children. WGL Foundation also coordinates a network of young women leaders with the aim of promoting leadership that will address their own issues.

   I have more than 15 years’ experience of working in the HIV and women’s rights sectors. Learning about inequalities and injustice in the world led me to be the social justice activist I am. Years spent at Medical Research Council and at People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) taught me the intersection of oppressions in women’s lives which trap them in the margins of society.

I have a qualification in education, and I believe education is one of the powerful tools to achieve social justice.