Tekano-Lance Louskieter

Lance Louskieter

Lance Louskieter is a lecturer and researcher at UCT. They hold a Master’s degree in public health, in the field of health policy and systems research. They are going to start a PhD in public health in 2018. Lance is based at the School of Public Health and Family Medicine in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Their background is in Psychology and Drama and they also teach in the Gender Studies and Psychology Departments at UCT. Lance is also actively involved in the Sexual and Reproductive Coalition where he contributes to strengthening youth voices and research within the coalition.

Lance is passionate about deepening social justice through engaged scholarship and teaching. They believe that people-centeredness through critical theory and pedagogy deepens and contributes to strengthening social justice, transformation and decolonial praxis in teaching and research. Lance takes on their queer identity stridently and their activism is rooted in sexual and reproductive rights, human rights and queer rights.

Lance’s research interests are in the following areas in public health research specifically: Sexual and Reproductive Justice; Gender, Sexuality, and HIV; Health systems’ responsiveness; Primary Health Care; Decolonizing health systems.

Lance loves deeply, passionately and unashamedly.