Lebogang Molete

Lebo Molete has a keen professional interest in elevating patients as a prominent stakeholder group in the development and implementation of health services and strategic policies. His career change into public health occurred during his three and half years’ stint at the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC). Molete was involved in the administration and delivery of the apartheid health professionals’ sectoral hearings which detailed the systemic gross violations of non-white patients’ human rights since 1948. Thereafter, he went on to pursue post graduate studies and worked in various human rights and health establishments in South Africa and in the UK.   He co-managed a privately funded NCD community clinic in Zandspruit, Johannesburg and founded the Patients’ Health Education, Liaison & Advocacy (PHELA) Foundation, which is in the process of re-launching in 2021. PHELA Foundation exists to provide patient education in support group settings, to enhance their self-efficacy. Additionally, PHELA Foundation facilitates patient panels in order to harvest patient’s needs for strategic advocacy purposes. Currently, Lebo is occasionally involved in academic write-up coaching and editing for university students, in his private capacity.