Tekano-Lindi Mzankomo

Lindi Mzankomo

I am Lindi Mzankomo, and I identify as a woman. I am a senior budget analyst in the public finance division of the National Treasury (Department of Finance) in Pretoria, Gauteng.  My focus is on the social development sector. My main responsibilities include budget allocation recommendations and analysis, monitoring expenditure and supporting sound social sector policy development and costing. I am instrumental in monitoring social grant take-up and expenditure as well as projecting future trends in this area. I have also been instrumental in producing social development related budget publications such as the Estimates of National Expenditure, the Budget Review and the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement. I am passionate about my work on social grants, given the positive impact on health and education outcomes to the less privileged.

I graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal with honours in economics and I plan to further my studies once I have figured out the area I would like to specialise in.