Lindile Nontobeko Ngwenya

Lindile Ngwenya is a Masters Student at Wits University. She is a qualified social worker whose passion for social and community development, advocacy, and supporting vulnerable individuals is married to  an interest in migration, identity, gender and sexual health. Her goal is to raise awareness of social justice issues by continuing to equip and empower society’s vulnerable and underrepresented populations. Lindile plans to reach migrants, marginalised women,  children, and LGBTQ+ people.  She hopes to live in a healthy, fair, and equitable world.

“I hope to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how power structures affect society, groups, and individuals. Power is used in relationships and is an important factor in people’s perceptions of their surroundings. I can’t think of a better opportunity for me than being actively involved in this fellowship,” Lindile says.