Nwabisa Dlova

Nwabisa Dlova, was born and bred in the rural borders of the Eastern Cape, a small town called Mount Fletcher. She is a women’s human rights activist, social justice activist, Intersectional Pan-African feminist, sexual reproductive health advocate and a public educator. She is committed to advancing social justice through groundwork, passionate about education of a Black child, ensuring that young women have access to information, access to services and participation in decision making on issues that affect them.

She serves as part of the advisory committee of Umthombo-Wekamva; an organisation based in Port St Johns, the organization offers services to matric students from career exhibitions, mentoring and assisting learners to apply for tertiary education. Nwabisa serves as the deputy chairperson for the AIDS Foundation approvals committee.

Nwabisa works for a social justice and equality organisation that works on the human rights framework and using the CEDAW principles of non-discrimination, state accountability and substantive equality. Educating and bringing awareness to young people; this includes conducting information sharing sessions, intergenerational dialogues, awareness campaigns, partnering with different stakeholders to debunk deep tooted social norms, attitudes and behaviours that are discriminating against womxn