Sipamandla Mpikeleli

I volunteered in a Research firm early in my career and was later employed as a Junior Economist. She conducted a lot of research on local economic development, impact assessments and feasibility studies.

I found my calling to be part of the solution to grow the economy of South Africa in an inclusive manner. I have managed various projects while working for government largely in the agricultural sector (including vegetable farming, piggeries, forestry, dairy). I have contributed by instilling good governance whilst growing the skills and welfare of rural communities and ultimately black poor families.

 I work for the sugar industry, an industry that is the backbone of rural communities in the KwaZulu Natal and Mpumalanga provinces. I am a development and corporate social investment manager where I continue advancing rural development by supporting ‘inclusive’ cane planting, value chain participation by black sugar cane growers, and broader youth development through skills and placement opportunities.

I support an NPO that advances the social welfare, health and environment agenda within the sugar cane communities.