Tracey Malawana

I am Tracey Malawana, and I identify as a woman. I coordinate the Healthy Living Alliance (HEALA), where my role is to build and maintain an alliance of like-minded organizations, campaign for access to clean drinking water, sufficient healthy food and food security. And also raise public awareness on issues related to nutrition and healthy living at large. As a so-called ‘born free’, I am passionate about social justice and I am one of the people who refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. My involvement at HEALA was ignited by the increasingly shocking states of obesity, related diseases caused by non-communicable diseases in South Africa and the hidden impact that our nutrition has on our health. Three issues that are close to my heart are women’s health, education, youth and women empowerment. I do community outreach in clinics with pregnant women and chronic patients, focusing on healthy living, and also engage with different audiences about the proposed sugar tax, obesity, diabetes, danger of sugary drinks and other necessary policy changes. I serve as a deputy chairperson of the movement called Equal Education and I see myself in the near future serving South Africans as one of the radical politicians.

I studied legal studies through Oxbridge Academy and am currently studying Public Relations and Management through Unisa. “Activism is the rent I pay for living on this planet.”