Wendy Somlavi

I am a 24 year old from Khayelitsha, Western Cape. I am the founder of Wheely in a Wheelie recycling.


I started this as a bin cleaning business and I saw the biggest gap in recycling in townships.

I make bags out of recycled billboards and give them to local households. The bag acts as a waste separator. The household would put in wet waste in the bag and dry waste inside their wheelie bin. On the day of collection, I would collect the wet waste and make compost, collect the dry waste, separate it and sell it to buy back centres.

I have also developed a great interest in the sanitary pads campaign.


Previously Wendy worked at Equal Education (EE) as a community leader serving a one year contract before working fulltime on her Wheely in a Wheelie project. Whilst working at EE there she explained her role as follows :

“I am the head of Site C branch, which contains five high schools and twelve facilitators. We run youth groups every month and our topics and programs vary from political education to teaching young individuals about their rights and how to act responsibly. This also means we groom young leaders and help them challenge government to improve the education system of South Africa. It also means that government should improve the norms and standards of the schools in this country and make sure that these schools are safe and offer adequate sanitation standards. It means that the national government should distribute the education budget equally to the most deserving schools.”