Bayanda Ndumiso

Equal Education (EE) is a movement of learners, parents, and teachers striving for quality and equality in South African education through analysis and activism.    

At Equal Education, I work as a materials developer, where my responsibilities are largely to create, edit, and curate materials and develop publications for Equal Education’s political training. This will include writing and editing activities, preparing readings,designing the content for camps & workshops, and developing publications.

I work in the Internal Education and Training Unit and, as Materials and Newsletter developer, my key roles are largely to curate  and edit content and develop publications for Equal Education political training for members of EE. 

 This includes writing, editing, research, preparing readings and designing the content for youth groups, in school meeting, camps, seminars, camps and publications for EE’s membership. 

 I am working on a book/publication called The Big Ideas Book where my role is to interview and form part of the editing team..

I am also working on developing the Equalizer Newsletter, these are stories of learners and post – school youth of SA, this include collecting stories, writing and editing and all other expects of advocacy through media platforms and allowing the voice of the youth be heard.