About Us


Our Vision

A more equitable South African society with improved health status across all populations.

Our Mission

To foster dynamic, visionary, value-based leaders working in catalytic communities of learning and action who articulate, convey and act to promote health equity.


Our Values

TEKANO is built upon a commitment to the Bill of Rights enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa. It is rooted within the principles of the Alma-Ata Declaration.

These values will be reflected not only in the content of the fellowship and alumni programs but in TEKANO’s ways of working. In particular, TEKANO is committed to:

  • operate in a transparent manner
  • run the fellowship and alumni programs in a participatory manner that recognises that everyone has something to teach and something to learn
  • foster a culture of respect and dignity and operate with an inclusive ethos
  • foster a culture of critical reflection, using critical pedagogy, quality assessment and on-going learning
  • recognise leadership among fellows of diverse ages, genders, ethnicities, ‘races’, classes, locations, disciplines and backgrounds
  • foster commitment to and expertise in collective leadership and change-making that weaves and facilitates well beyond the individual participating fellows
  • ground the content of TEKANO’s programs in a commitment to strengthening the agency of those who are marginalised, and to
  • recognise their assets and promote local ownership in the shaping of health equity initiatives.

Our Board

Our Team