Bernadette Rossouw

Bernadette Rossouw is an activist and land occupier based in Cape Town. She has consistently displayed resolute resistance against eviction attempts by both state and law enforcement authorities. Bernadette serves as a driving force behind an informal settlement that currently provides shelter for 48 families, with plans to develop it into a self-sustainable eco-village. Her unwavering determination perfectly aligns with the core principles enshrined in South Africa’s constitution. Throughout her journey, Bernadette has actively participated in various movements and organizations that champion social justice and community empowerment. These include Ndifuna Ukwazi, People’s Law, Dullah Omar Institute, Project 90 by 2030, and Development Action Group. Her experience in the healthcare sector gained through her work at a local day hospital, has provided her with firsthand insight into the challenges faced by the industry. However, Bernadette’s commitment to achieving health equity extends beyond healthcare itself, encompassing broader social and economic aspects of well-being. She envisions a future where a more accessible, fair, and equitable healthcare system is established throughout South Africa. Her dedication to this cause is unwavering, and she continues to work tirelessly towards realizing this vision.