Kanyisa Booi

Kanyisa Booi  is the founder and Campaigns Manager at the social enterprise – Matriarch and Sons. Her work is in the intersection between human rights and community development with a special focus on Sexual and Reproductive Justice- this includes gendered violence and domestic violence. She has develops issue based content and campaigns in these intersections for NGO’s in these sectors.  She has worked with Africa Unite, Ipas, Activate Change Driver,  Marie Stopes, Global Health Strategies as well as Woman First Digital.   Because of her work she was nominated 2014 Mail and Guardian 200 Young South Africans.

She started magazine also her social change called Eve’s Apple The Mag which is on its fourth issue. Eve’s Apple The Mag is a digital sexual and reproductive health (SRH) magazine aimed at ensuring access to verifiable, uncensored, bold and simple SRH information, by curating research work, organisational campaign an community knowledge into magazine format.  Kanyisa believes that evolution of health communication is critical in ensuring that information is memorable and reaches the pockets of society it is intended for. Health communications through her work is intersectional, adaptive, reframing the relationship between content and audience. She has developed a sexual health board game and learning about trade marking and distribution channels.

In sexual health activism the prevalence of rape culture challenged her. She designed workshops for parents and guardian on ‘learning and teaching consent’. These workshops are for parents and guardians to unlearn their limited view on autonomy of young people, learn what boundaries and consent is for themselves and teach/model it at home. She hopes this will lead to societal shit- with a new breed of people who affirm yes and no. She has been requested by school teachers to begin the work with -in the context of a packed school day, competing psycho-social demands and strict, traditional rules exploring consent-based culture in schools.

Her hopes for the future? She hopes her lived and learning experience catapult to start an academy for Sexual Health. Kanyisa is pro-choice, anti-period poverty, patriarchy fighting, coffee loving, and content designing, believer in humanity.