Sophumla Ntoyabo

Sophumla Ntoyabo is a social innovator dedicated to addressing food security in Khayelitsha, Western Cape. His primary focus is implementing gardening initiatives in primary schools to create awareness among students and inspire them to nurture their gardens at home. His holistic approach involves educating the community and strategically planting vegetables in available spaces. Sophumla’s journey in the world of food security and health equity began in 2012 when he faced the challenges of irritable bowel syndrome. This personal health experience introduced him to the healing properties of fresh garden herbs, inspiring his mission to improve the lives of others through sustainable agriculture. Despite lacking a farming background, Sophumla has devoted himself to local farming for the past seven years, aiming to reintroduce farming practices to a community that had become overly reliant on commercialising food production. For Sophumla, the heart of the matter lies in organically grown vegetables, which he views as the solution to combating hunger, achieving food security, and promoting food sovereignty in South Africa.