Mabhelandile ‘Bells’ Twani

Mabhelandile Twani is a member of the Intlungu YaseMatyotyombeni Movement. The movement is based in Khayelitsha in the Western Cape Province and specialises in strengthening the work of social movements campaigning around land access. Mabhelandile is also involved in Youth for Work, Sakha Uluntu Youth Development, and the Progressive Youth. Movement. In addition to land access, his activism extends to issues of access to sanitation, housing, electricity and to free quality healthcare for all. Mabhelandile believes that healthcare should not be for profit, and is working on building a layer of activists who can lead the struggle for public health, using community workshops.

“The Tekano Fellowship will be a space to engage, learn new concepts and ideas. It will also be helping to build a social justice movement that will be based on public health in South Africa,” he says.