Aldridge Munyoro

Mr Aldridge Munyoro is a PhD candidate at Wits University. He is also a Social worker, scholar and social justice advocate.  Munyoro holds a Master of Arts Degree in Development Studies specialising in Social and Behaviour Change Communication in health and a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Wits University.

Aldridge has worked in the field of Albinism for more than 8 years. In 2016, set on the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission special interest group committee on minority groups, he was strongly involved in the consultative forums that led to the formulation of the Regional Action Plan on Albinism in Africa (RAP). Currently, he is involved in the CanBe campaign, a nationwide programme led by the Albinism Advocacy for Access in partnership with the Department of Social Development and the Department of Arts and Culture in South Africa. This programme is aimed at empowering learners with albinism in South Africa to reach their full potential.

Mr Munyoro also has a passion for research and teaching. He worked as a senior tutor at Wits University since 2017. He has also published research outputs in areas such as social justice, mental health and inequalities in Higher Education.

Aldridge envisions a society where people living at the far margins of society can equally participate and benefit from the social and economic pipeline.