Azeeza Rangunwala

Azeeza Rangunwala is a Medical Scientist who has specialized in Virology and is currently the Assistant Director, Health Care Waste and Occupational Hygiene Risk Management (Research, Policy and Capacity Building) at the Gauteng Department of Health. Her key areas are policy formulation and managing projects that are in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the National Development Plan (NDP).  Ms. Rangunwala’s previous work experience includes National Institute for Communicable Diseases and University of Pretoria. She currently has a postgraduate diploma in Public Management and hoping to further develop skills on public policy and health systems. She also has a M.Med.Sc degree in Medical Virology.  The exposure to different types of science, environments and opportunities has developed her multi-faceted persona.

Azeeza is an intersectional feminist and co-founder of ConFemBulate, a network of feminists engaging on various topics, trends, and books. Her discourse has proven to be quite valued both personally and professionally.  Sustainable community service projects are also a key focus area for her.

Passionate about public service as well as social justice and aligning the two with each other,  Rangunwala is also the favourite aunty to many wonderful little humans and invests greatly into interpersonal relationships, self-awareness and growth.  She was raised by her grandmother in a farm town called Wepener in the Free State province, South Africa; has moved 3 times after pursuing tertiary studies and is now living in the capital city, City of Tshwane (Pretoria).  When she isn’t living through a pandemic, she also enjoys music festivals, art galleries, theatre productions and markets.

The most valuable asset anyone can possess is good health and Azeeza values health in all aspects. Integrity, truth and justice are other core values that inform career choice as well as activism.  Azeeza would like to be part of building societies that are free from the shackles of sexism, racism, homophobia, islamophobia, ageism, etc. – a world where human dignity is restored, and basic human rights are fulfilled.