Nwabisa Siyamthanda Zantsi

Nwabisa Siyamthanda Zantsi is the co-founder of Fulfil the Dream Academy, a Cape Town based organisation that helps improve access to information on Gender Based Violence (GBV). Fulfil The Dream works with communities to prevent sexual and gender based violence against girls and children. Nwabisa believes every human has the right to quality health care and a fair opportunity in accessing it, and that access to health care should not be based on or determined by the colour of their skin, background and social status. Her main goal is to campaign against the Proof of Address policy in order to access health care. She believes that once a patient has arrived at that health care facility they should be assisted regardless of their address.

“My activism has been guided by my passion and lived experiences. Currently it needs a theoretical framework to guide it, and sustain my work in advocacy,” she says. This is something she hopes to achieve during her tenure as a Yearlong Fellow at Tekano.