This project aims to bring to the fore the lived experiences of Young Femme and Black in South Africa during Covid-19. The project is a web-series that seeks to uplift the voices of black women in South Africa during the Covid-19 pandemic. The web-series creates a platform for visually compelling and authentic narratives of young black women.


The Nayanaya Trust

Creating social change in communities through young women. 

My passion as an experienced producer and director has always been to mentor young people especially women and other marginalized young people. This project is close to my heart and as a producer and mentor of the project it was important to find young people who are part of the LGBTIQ+ community to be the drivers of this project and  we have a diverse group of young people working on this project and camera people, directors, co-ordinators, production manager, bloggers, editors, photographers and social media people and of course other equality important crew members i.e driver and 4 INTERNS. For this I have to thank Tekano as one of the main funders for coming on board. Our wish is to film in all 9 Provinces not just in the urban areas but in the rural, semi rural and or semi urban areas. Most importantly we are observing safety protocols which are Film Industry Certified. During this time there are challenges of filming but nothing that can not be overcome. The voices of our marginalized community members are in danger of being tippexed out of main-stream dialogue.

 “The web series is a dynamic episodic documentary that looks at the lives of young black women and queer youth during Covid-19. This project matters to us because we have spent our lives seeing ourselves and stories told through the eyes of others, this is our chance to change that and reclaim our stories, so that the world sees us as we see ourselves. We want to be seen for who we are, we want our struggles and pains to be heard while our resilience, wisdom and glory is honoured. In this historic moment, we as the youth want to cement our voice and record of existence in the archives that will exist about this era.”


a few words from one of the film producers:


Creating a web series during a global pandemic is challenging to say the least, faced with so many barriers as a result of social distancing regulations, we have had to be creative and challenge ourselves to come up with new ways to create and engage with people in order to stay safe. While eagerly bringing our dreams to life through this work, it has been quite a challenge having to work remotely, having meetings online as a team from different locations or get a hold of people to participate in the production, however, connectivity delays and travelling restrictions have not stopped us from showing up with enthusiasm, passion and dedication every day while working on the project’